Monitoring Performance And The Conditions Of Machines

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Condition monitoring as a technique to monitor the performance and the conditions of machines is used extensively in factories. Although condition monitoring has established since 1960’s, it is still being develop in parallel with the advances in transducers and computer technology [1]. The benefit of condition monitoring is to minimize unplanned maintenance of machinery as well as improves the reliability and safety. In recent year, wired online condition monitoring (CM) systems have been applied in many industrial machines. Because the systems relies on different types of cables for field applications, the installation, the maintenance and cost become the major obstacles of their wide applications [2],[3]. Remote condition monitoring…show more content…
Although this method is low compared to modern condition monitoring techniques, it needs high skills based on long experiences. The findings drawn by different examiners are sometimes not the same, because of different personal skills and individual experiences [4]. 1-2-2 Monitoring of Machinery Parameters This kind of condition monitoring is sometimes called trend monitoring which is another useful means to identify machine abnormalities. For instance, pressure, current and voltage are good examples of parameters which can be monitored to notice the changing in machines characteristics. This monitoring method uses periodic measurements of a monitored parameter and implements the data collected against time. Generally, any machine has a period of time before stop called early life which is the period from the operation till it decays to the normal life period. Typically the amplitude of parameters is high at the starting however it decreases rapidly to normal levels. The second one is the normal life which is the period needed to perform a specific function. One of the maintenance objectives is to maintain this period for as long as possible [6]. 1-2-3 Noise monitoring Noise monitoring is achieved by measuring and analyzing the noise spectrum [7]. Generally, this
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