Monitoring Plants without Man Power

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A wireless sensor network plays a vital role in the field of agriculture. It is a new interdisciplinary technology which is achieved as a great development in recent years. Low power consumption, Low cost and self organization of wireless sensor network got it widely used in many fields. This project deals with technical advantage of the applications of wireless sensor network in modern architecture. Sensors are the hopeful device for precision agriculture. In this project the sensors measures the necessity of water, soil fertility, humidity etc. The sensors sends the respective message to the respective server to a secured cloud’s that user can benefit valuable time and cost efficiency. By forming wireless sensor network, we can make good monitoring system to measure the growth of plants. This project proposed idea about monitoring the plants without a man power. The fundamental concept of this project is to provide a highly enabled monitoring of plants. A. Introduction
Agricultural area provides the economic growth for the majority of rural India. Low production in agriculture is often considered as one of the important problem faced by many developing countries. Many kinds of issues associated with agriculture can be divided as issues related to the environment monitoring and also the control of green house. The above mentioned issue plays a major role in productivity and prevention of diseases in the plants.
Monitoring about the climate
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