Monitoring Student Progress Helps Identify Students

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I have noticed many actions taken by the teachers I observe, which are implemented to meet the special needs of students. A student in one of the classes has a hearing impairment, but does not have a hearing aid. The teacher has a microphone attached to her and has the student it right in front of where she instructs. In addition, she has a speaker placed close to the student to meet the student’s individual needs. Another thing I noticed observing in inclusion classes is that teachers provide explicit directions by repeating them multiple times, and presenting directions verbally and visually. After presenting explicit directions to the students for class activities, both teachers drift around the classroom monitoring student progress. Monitoring student progress helps identify students’ needs, helps evaluate whether or not the current services provided are meeting students’ special needs, and helps provide more clarification on what services students’ with special needs are most vital. In a different classroom I observed, I noticed the two Hispanic students looking at each other extremely confused about solving the questions on a quiz. Before taking this course, I may have thought the students just did not know the answers to the questions. Instead, I had a feeling this was not the issue, as I started thinking that maybe these students did not understand what the questions were asking for. After discussing the issue with my host teacher after class, I found out the two
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