Monitoring The Progress Of A Project

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Monitoring the progress of a project is important especially in terms of a project manager knowing whether or not the project is moving in the right direction and if not, knowing what adjustments should be made. In order to efficiently monitor project progress, the project management team must understand the objectives as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the resources involved in the project. Successful projects require adopting thorough and relevant strategies throughout the project life cycle. This include using different strategies to keep cost in check, meet timelines and deliverables, meet the require quality standards, and more. Adopting the right processes for monitoring and controlling the project is very essential…show more content…
At the time of the security breach, the company was just a small electronic retailer that was emerging into a larger business. It valued its customers and was known for its integrity. Flayton faced severe risks that jeopardized that integrity thereby leaving it open to lawsuits from customers, banks and investors. Flayton had implemented a PCI system, but the system was only running at 75% when it should have been at 100%. This happened because the firewall wasn’t secure in the first place. The IT department explained that they had to keep turning the system on and off because of glitches. They had a firewall; it was not properly maintained causing the PCI system to be inadequate. Constant monitoring would have prevented this. Threats included an unsafe system; enhancement of technology may invalidate system design, the ease of data theft, data inconsistencies across interfaces rendering systems outdated. Changes in regulations requiring significant redesign of the whole system. The top threats here were the ease of data theft leaving the company open to law suits and the company losing integrity. And secondly, the company shutting down if it does not recover from this problem. The opportunities realized are the company is able to bring its IT infrastructure up to 100% PCI compliance and is consistently monitoring it on a monthly basis now. One of the resolutions
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