Monitoring and Survellaince of Employees

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Monitoring and survellaince of employees Pro One of the key benefits of monitoring employee computer activity is maximising workplace productivity. In today’s society, most workers spend the majority of their time on their computers and on the Internet. This issue has great prevalence in modern society, as a recent survey found that one out of every eight American workers spend two or more hours per day writing and reading personal e-mails and using their work-based Internet connection for non-work related activities (Towns & Johnson, 2003, p. 10). Another survey (1999) found that more than 90% of American workers acknowledged that they used the Internet for personal purposes during work hours and 84% said that they used their…show more content…
Con potential damage to a work culture, affecting trust, employee commitment and motivation.- Although there are many benefits from the monitoring and surveillance of staff in the workplace, employees may not be as inclined towards the introduction of these techniques. “Electronic monitoring has the capacity to create an adversarial environment in the organization violating employee trust and potentially producing unwanted effects and/or destructive countermeasures“(Marx and Sherizen, 1998). From various sources of research electronic monitoring has produced mixed results to link its use in the workplace to psychological illness, increased stress, feelings of powerlessness and vulnerability, turnover propensity and decreased productivity (Marx and Sherizen, 1998). It can cause damage to various parts of the organisation such as work culture, affecting trust in the workplace, employee commitment and motivation. Work culture can be affected in how employees can feel like they’re being spied on, and as a result employees will not be as productive according to the organisation. Trust in the workplace can become at stake when the monitoring of employees occurs. When employees are doing the right things online electronic surveillance will have no impact, but when employees misuse the

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