Monitoring the Medicalization of Women

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“The extent of preventable prenatal “environmental” causes of mental retardation, learning disorders, psychological maladjustment and cerebral palsy remain unknown”(hook,4)” Monitoring, Birth Defects and Environment” is a book written by Ernest B. Hook, Dwight T. Janerich, and Ian H. Porter, discussing problems within the surveillance detections. It also gives readers an understanding of what monitoring systems exist in the world today. By developing new scientific monitoring systems, the option of early detections for conditions such as autism are available to the carrying parent. Over the last century we have seen women and the functions that go along with a woman’s body are medicalized. Throughout this paper, topics such as pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause, will be covered. All three of these topics are very important due to the fact all have been medicalized and have accumulatively brought in billions of dollars to pharmaceutical companies, doctors, and scientists. Of course this is not always a negative issue. Doctors have saved many lives during pregnancy and childbirth. Scientists have developed many new vaccines, drugs, and prevention monitoring. All of which have saved lives. There are positive and negative aspects when discussing the medicalization of a woman’s body, and this paper will focus mainly on the positive. The best way to understand why the world has felt the need to medicalize women is to discover all of the diseases and issues that can occur during
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