Monk And The Riddle

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The book that I have chosen to review is “The Monk and the Riddle”. There are several quotes in the book that relate to business entrepreneurship, however the quotes can also be used in everyday life. Mr. Komisa's book is similar to an instruction manual on what to do when life throws you curves, while you are trying to walk a straight path in pursuing yours dream. Although you may stray off the path you must gather yourself and regroup, get back on the path and continue on to reach your goals learning every step of the way. Analysis
Komisar's riddles are aimed to inspire people to think about their life and what they want to make of it. There a several quotes and statements in his book that will make a person think outside of the box,
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Most people dream of being rich but in the pursuit of getting rich we don’t have to sacrifice our freedom of life. We should not be so vested in the perceived concept of successful living that we work to earn money to live freely just to suffer later own in life because we never found that freedom, we just worked our life away “And then there is the most dangerous risk of all -- the risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later.” (Komisar.,Lineback., 2001). Money should not be the principal thing freedom in all areas should…show more content…
We must be proactive making things happen instead of waiting to make things happen, but we have less risk than leaving things to chance. Starting your own business is a risk you have to believe in yourself and be will to take the risk even when things don’t seem to be perfect. There are two options if you fall on your face you can either learn from it and try again not making the same mistakes or give up. Financial management is also important as an entrepreneur you have to be leader when it comes to stepping out on a limb for what you believe you are capable of doing. It requires planning and budgeting for the cost of starting a business, keeping the business up and running, and also having a back-up plan for unplanned expenditures that may occur.
The Monk and the Riddle has several quotes and lessons the primary theme is perseverance through failure. To be successful in our endeavors , we must be able to except failure and learn from it. We must remain passionate about our goals and do all that we can to reach them, knowing that there are things in life that we cannot control no matter how hard we try. Failure is a part of life and as long as we are to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off we have
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