Monkey Drug Trials Experiment

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Title: Monkey Drug Trials Experiment

Authors: Deneau, Yanagita & Seevers

Year: it was done in 1969


The purpose of the experiment was to look at the effects of self-administration on drugs, drug abuse, and drug dependence in humans, by testing it on monkeys. They wanted to observe whether a monkey would become addicted to drugs or not, and to understand better the effects of drugs.

First a method was developed, to teach the monkeys how to self- administer the drugs through intravenous catheters. Then the psychologist injected the monkeys for the first time the drugs. Because they were several monkeys each one received a different drug, some received cocaine, morphine, amphetamines,
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The researchers founded the reason why drug abuse takes place and how can a psychological treatment will help people give up the drug addiction.

The experiment was very controversial because it was very unethical and the monkeys suffered a lot of pain, and in some cases died of overdose.
The Helsinki declaration was founded in 1964 and since here they have been updating principles of good practice in this kinds of experiments. They say, “Welfare of animals used for research must be respected”. Since here the ethical views for non-humans subjects started. Later on the APA gave instructions to determine whether an experiments on animals is acceptable or not. For example animal research should not harm the animal or distress it on any way. If the researchers don’t follow this code, they wont be allowed to keep on with the experiment.
In the case of this experiment was already done, but that’s why still now a days is very controversial and shocking, and is listed in one of the 10 most unethical psychological experiments.

Personal opinion:
This experiment in my opinion was useful to psychology. But I don’t agree with the methods that were applied. The researchers taught some behaviours to the monkeys that unless humans never show them how to do they will never do it by themselves, like
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