Monkey's Paw

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“Sometimes it is better to lose and do the right thing than to win and do the wrong thing” (Blair). In the short story, The Monkey’s Paw written by W.W. Jacobs a mother, father, and their son are visited by an old friend that is in the army. He tells them about the monkey’s paw that grants three wishes to the person who is holding it. He tried to warn them about the great cost to each with, but they would not listen to him. They made one wish for 200 pounds and because of that the mother and father had lost their son. They could not see that what they wanted was the wrong thing to do. The son being dead drove the mother to wish for him to come back, but that was when the father realized that what he wanted was not right, so he used his final wish to make his son disappear. Being able to draw the line between what you want, and what is the right thing to do is an ideal that has been lost in our society.…show more content…
In The Monkey’s Paw the father wanted to think that getting the 200 pounds from the company that his son worked at after he died was a coincidence and keep wishing, but he knew that was not the right thing and would most likely lead to more trouble. This evidence supports my statement because the father did know that wishing was wrong, but he still kept the paw and did not get rid of it. The father was too caught up in the money he had just been handed to realize that just putting aside the connection between the paw and his son’s death was
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