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Monologue from Sheila Birling I feel extremely responsible for the horrid tragedy of what had happened to that young lady. On the other hand at the time it took place I was in a furious temper; I had tried on this dress, and well.... it just didn’t suit me at all! Then the girl- had tried on the dress as if she was wearing it. And it just suited her. She was the right type for it. She was very pretty too- with big dark eyes. I caught sight of the girl smiling at Miss Francis- as if to say, “doesn’t she look awful”- and I was absolutely furious. That is when it all happened. I lost all sense of what was right and let anger and jealousy fill me up to the direst cruelty. I said without second thought of consideration to the manager, “this…show more content…
I remember what he said, how he looked and what he made me feel. Fire and blood and anguish. And it frightens me, the way they talk- as if nothing has happened. Even if there is no girl in the infirmary, who has committed suicide by drinking a strong disinfectant, isn’t what we did still wrong? It doesn’t much matter who made us confess- and it was true, wasn’t it? Farther turned the girl out of one job, I had her turned out of another. Gerald kept her- at a time when he was too busy to see me. Eric used her for a stupid drunken evening as if she were an animal, a thing, not a person. And mother hardened her heart and gave her the final push that finished her- that’s what’s important- and not weather a man is a police inspector or not. Well Eric and I have learnt a promising lesson that there are millions of John Smiths and Eva Smiths in the world. I shall never do something so careless and selfish again, and I pray that my parents and Gerald come to the same realisation soon, as I have done... before it’s too late. Whether or not it was me alone, or the fault of all of us. This streak of guilt shall saturate my soul for life, knowing that my selfish irresponsible actions played a vital part of the beginning of the end of this venerable, innocent young lady, Eva Smith. Yet I can’t help feeling my actions was what caused her to become so desperate- that summer last year. It all is becoming clear now. It was my fault! Last summer from March all the way to September,

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