Monoamniotic Twins

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Do you know what Monoamniotic twins are? Monoamniotic twins,also known as Mono Mono twins are very rare. This type of twins share the same amniotic sac. Monoamniotic twins are always identical. They also share the placenta, but have two separate umbilical cords. Mono Mono twins are very high risk babies.

I am a Monoamniotic twin. My sister and I were very high risk babies. We had a seventy five percent chance of not living. My original birthdate was July fifth, but because I was so high risk I was born over a month early. In that month my mom had to stay in the hospital. Each day she had nurses and doctors fetal monitoring My sister and I.

On may 24,2004 I was finally born. There were six doctors and eight medical staff members in the
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