Monogamy And Polygamy Case Study

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Chapter 1 : Introduction
Marriage can be defined as a socially acknowledged and approved sexual union between two adult individuals. When two people marry, they become kin to one another. The marriage bond also links together a broader range of people. Parents, brothers, sisters and other blood relatives become relatives of the partner through marriage.
Marriage is an important social institution, and "The exclusive commitment of two individuals to each other nurtures love and mutual support; it brings stability to our society" This was the definition given by Chief Justice Margaret H. Marshall of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.
The institution of marriage is used to control heterosexual behaviour and the resulting proliferation,
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These forms can be branded on the basis of the number of partners and rules controlling who can marry whom. In terms of the number of partners that can rightfully enter into wedlock, we have two forms of marriage, namely, monogamy and polygamy
Polygamy means marriage to more than one mate at one time . It can further classified into
a. Polygyny –one husband with two or more wives
b. Polyandry - one wife with two or more husbands.
Usually, polyandry is a result of harsh economic conditions . Since in such circumstances a single man cannot sufficiently support a wife and children . Also in severe poverty conditions pressurise a group to limit its population.
Monogamy limits the individual to one spouse at a time. In this system, at any time a man can have only one wife and a woman can have only one husband. Even where polygamy is permitted, in actual practice, monogamy is more widely dominant. In many societies, individuals are allowed to marry again, often on the demise of the first spouse or after divorce. But they cannot have more than one spouse at one and the same time. Such monogamous marriages are called serial monogamy. Remarriages on the demise of a wife have been a norm for men for the most part.
Endogamy and
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