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It’s that time of year again when Western women groan at their reflections in the mirror and wonder how many hours in the gym it will take to work off the excesses of winter, to get themselves back into swimsuit shape again. If you have been working out, dieting, or both, then the chances are you’ll be able to reward yourself with this year’s hottest look in women's swimsuits – the monokini. This cut-out or cut-away swimwear will highlight your best bits, and is more flattering than a bikini. A cross between a one-piece swimsuit and a two-piece, if you choose the style of the cut-out wisely, you can minimize that bit of flab around your middle and give yourself an hourglass shape. The History of the Monokini Whilst the monokini is the swimwear…show more content…
Unless you have the figure of Paris Hilton, beware of the horizontal stripe (especially narrow), which has a widening effect on your body shape. Both overly large and small prints can draw attention to those extra pounds so opt for a medium-size. Diagonal stripes are slimming, and make butts look smaller. Opt for a single-color block if in any doubt! Deep V-neck cuts will elongate the figure and flatter bigger busts. Although be warned, unless you want to appear as if you have just stepped off the pages of Playboy magazine, monokinis are better left to those who are not so well-endowed, as they are not best suited to a DD cup. According to, they are more suitable for those women with long torsos, with a defined waist and bust. The Monokini - Pros and Cons There are pros and cons with the monokini. They can leave very funny tanning marks, and really require a toned body to do them justice. However, the monokini is a good compromise between a covered one-piece and a more exposed bikini, allowing you to tan your back and some of your front. Its sex appeal outweighs the humble bikini as the monokini's coverage is elegant, yet sexy at the same time. Given its revealing nature, many of today’s monokinis are more for showing off on the beach or by the pool rather than for actual swimming
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