Monologue From The Odyssey

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“You’ll die in blood.” He said. I am Antinous, leader of the Suitors. Today, I saw a strange man standing by the door of Penelope’s house. He looked quite old. Telemachus told me to greet him as well to offer him food. I greeted him in such an unmannerly way. He spoke with me, I got slowly annoyed. I spotted a stool, directly aiming at his right shoulder hitting him perfectly. Penelope was in the room. She was upset with and bawled at me. I know she’s married to Odysseus, but I want her for my own. My men and I lined up at her house every day since Odysseus left. My green eyes were glowering with anger when I heard those words. I know she doesn’t love me, or want to marry me, but anything to get into her arms. “You show no excellence here in Ithaca.” She cried out. I am always striving to help, but Penelope disagrees. “You show no honor here, nevertheless, only care about your men and yourself.” Penelope said.…show more content…
It was Odysseus. “You cannot be. Odysseus is dead.” I yelped. “Look me in the eye you fool.” He shouted. Thoughts and feelings rushed through my head. I wanted to execute him. I had my plan figured out on how to kill Odysseus. He had just come back. He doesn’t know how much I love Penelope. I grabbed my cup and drank my wine. As I am drinking, I felt a struck in my throat. The next and the next, my men are killed by Odysseus. Each of my suitors falling down one by one. As I am hit in the throat, like lightning hit a tree and knocked it down. I imagine contempt was all he had in mind. One by one he and Telemachus grabbed our bodies. Telemachus does not feel comfortable. They put us in a closet and placed a drape over hiding the aftermath so no one would know or find out. After 20 years, Odysseus had finally returned back to Ithaca, reuniting with Telemachus and Penelope and getting his
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