Monologue In Romeo And Juliet

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Erin walks in.
Zeeha: I’m ashamed of you, how can you cause so much trouble? Have you seen Tybalt’s face? The ambulance came and took him to the hospital.
Erin: Nah man, I did nothing, I barely touched him. I just had a little beef with them. We all good now Chappy.
Zeeha: You already have so many difficulties in your life and now you are going to get suspended. The Principal is out looking for you.
Erin: I can’t do that, man. I gotta see my girl. You know, we are already on second base now. She’s crazyyyy.
Zeeha: You’re in grade 8. Calm down. Do you even know what ‘’time of the month’’ means? *sigh* kids now a days.
Erin: Whatever man, you gotta chill out. Its no big deal.
Zeeha: YOU’RE GETTING SUSPENDED. You cause so much trouble at school. The fights between you and Tybalt need to stop. Everyone is fed up with you.
Erin: who cares about school. How am I going to be able to see Juliet? I won’t be able
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Harleen: OUUUU! A PINK sweater, you are supposed to get that for her when you “L-word’’ her.
Zeeha: Loser?
Harleen: Nooooo, Romeo lovessss Juliet. OMG I’m totes going to be the maid of honour at your wedding and the godmother to alllll of your children.
*Erin points at Harleen*
Erin: Ayeee
Zeeha: But Romeo you must smarten up.
Harleen: you really have to talk to Juliet ASAP! Chappy you know at least what that means right?
Zeeha: Yes, kids now a days *rolls eyes*
Erin: Anyways, man I’ll go, Nancy just text Juliet saying I wanna chill at Pizza Pizza so we can talk and I can get something to eat. I’m starving dudee.
Harleen: Totally! * texting Juliet* Oh yeah, Juliet just texted me to tell you that she put your name in her bio again, so she likes you againn.
Zeeha: huh?
Harleen: okay Chappy, let me introduce to something called Urban Dictionary, it’ll help you, your getting kinda annoying now
Erin: I’ve to go and see my girl now, she’s probably waiting for me.
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