Monologue Of Bunbury's Eulogy For Algernon

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Eulogy of Bunbury’s death in Algernon’s perspective. (extra false pretence that Bunbury wasn’t real) For anyone who doesn’t know me, I’m Algernon, actually never mind that, as I do believe that everyone here today knows me, as Bunbury kept to himself a lot and didn’t really have anyone else. So this honor is bestowed unto me to say a few words in memory and to enlighten all of you on what kind of man my dear friend Bunbury was. (lady Bracknell:) “Hurry up Algernon I have luncheon at 3 and it would be a most terrible thing to miss it” (Algernon:) Yes, rather. Bunbury and I were great friends and he was a good fellow, I remember when we met… it was in summer and the weather was rather miserable and I found myself playing golf and well, the clouds

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