Monologue Of Jesus

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Our story begins as 7 strange figure set on Golgotha the place Jesus our savior was put to death by man who

have no clue that this one act would ever change their life!

Barabbas the notorious prisoner that set free instead Jesus

Tabus the 44

with Pedro, love, peace, Lawson the great- grandson of Pilates soldiers the one that gambled for Jesus clothes.

Rajah the robber that when to Paradise with Jesus.

Not to mission four fool traveling in old coffee sack on back of a Camille in the middle of hot sandy wind blowing


In the hope we might be able to get back home or at lease back to our normal size that what the old woman at

Union station told us!

Which I hope is true the information cost me $100,000

This have the most insane thing
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as we approach we see what look like five figure!

Before we could said anything!

Micky & Vicky told us to stay here! Will be back in few min to get you two.

Then they flew off!!

I and my sister were kind of daze OK what just happen!

I said about 2 or maybe 4 min later they came back with and group guys!

Vicky tap one those guys and said point to us that they!

Welcome friends my name is Tabus and theses are my brother Hoick, Tang Rajah, Pedro,Hoick,Tang,Lawson.

Tabus carry us close to the camp fire where we could smell the scent French coffee mix with the light scent on lamb stew


MY SISTER SAID I cannot be all sitting in the same place that Jesus was curtailed!

Tang reply

Micky & Vicky why was not rested here will bring y all some stew and coffee!

OK, what the catch!

And why y’all being so nice!

Just get y’all ready for the journey !
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Does anyone has any idea on how were go to get this huge child out here!

That when could hear what sound like another little girl but this one sound like she crying!

As got closer to the sound we open the door to what be the living room! This huge Asian girl looks like she had got

herself stuck inside the living room with her hair caught up in the back door of the house!

O man this day just keep getting better by the second!

When she saw us her face lid up and she stops crying!

Does anyone has any idea on how were go to get this huge child out here! o man, this simply continue improving!

my sister takes a gander at me have a perfect.

in the first place you to close your eyes for a second!

Alright! so I close my eyes what next!

I heard my sister said Hit It!

o snap by the I close the entryway, I saw Mickey & Vicky took got their wand a tap the young lady on her brow.

at that point puff of gold shading smoke.

at the point when the young lady repeal she outside in the lawn only sort of skimming and flip running off the ground.

I'm figuring around 4 or perhaps 6 feet off the simply ignoring her, however .

at that point a boisterous pop then she was
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