Monologue Of John Galt

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The smoke left my mouth and rose into the starry Dynamo of the machinery of night. The warm ember at my fingertips faded into a long cinder of ash like the last cities of man. The burning cars emitted warm yellow light lit the dense fog blanketing the cracked pavement below, and provided the only blanket that would be on anything tonight. I bleakly looked into the distance toward the steel stained horizon. It seemed the city was ebbing - as if the last memory of civilization was receding into the past, never to be seen again. I've always asked out of fear. But now, I do it out of remorse. I do it to undo the transgression caused by all of our ignorance using the false rhetoric we so blindly prayed in the masses: “Who is John Galt?”…show more content…
The money that ran the world is what pursued it into collapse. The most valuable capital we could pay Galt, was the devotion of life to the false mantra he preached; to leave what little we had and seek refuge from the ever growing government that kept us in line. John Galt says that the government limits our potential, that it enslaves us. But far before the end of yesterday, it was actually capitalism we were enslaved to. If we couldn't make money for them, than they couldn’t make money at all, and at the end of the day, Taggart, Reardon, D’Anconia just wanted to watch the world burn from their bank vaults and skyscrapers. If they couldn't have money, then nobody could have money. The government tried to explain the greed that begat all this, that we were the abused earth that was only taken from and held on the backs of the poor for the rich to take and marvel; But Galt convinced us it was the opposite: that we were atlas, the punished who held up humanity on its back. The people tried to shrug the weight to keep the world held up, but failed to realize they were the world atlas was holding. If the people forming the globe shrug, it doesn't change the weight on the shoulders of atlas, it just unites us under the solidarity of attempt that was so foolishly condemned by Galt. The fall of society was the fall of the earth from the shoulders of atlas, and if atlas himself doesn't shrug, than atlas drops the
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