Monologue Of Julianna

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I have known Julianna forever. Forever since we were swaddled babies on cardboard in cribs in a poor town in China far away from here. Forever since we were happy children fat from the cake of innocence. Since we didn’t know the the heaviness of age. It’s been a while. When you’ve known someone that long, you inevitably end up witnessing their journey. You see their victories and triumphs, failures and losses. You see their joy and sorrow. You see their growth. By now, I’ve seen so much of Julianna that I feel I can paint a fairly detailed portrait of who she is. There’s a lot to say. There’s a lot of not so great, but there’s also a lot of spectacular. So here it goes. Julianna is ambitious. She dreams big and she pours her heart…show more content…
What makes her feel cared for is not what makes me feel cared for. She’s figured out how to treat people as she would want, but not how to read a person and see what they want. When she’s upset she wants to talk about it and she wants your candy-coated feedback. So, when you’re upset, that’s what she’ll do for you. She’ll let you say what’s on your mind and tell you what she thinks you want to hear. I try to offer her my honesty because honesty is what’s in my blood. When I was younger, I was tactless and sharp-tongued. I can’t say I blame her for her aggravation and heedlessness. Although, I like to think that I’ve matured a bit since then, but you wouldn’t know it with the way she swallows (rather, refuses) my thoughts. She expects only glowing reports all the time and that’s really frustrating to someone who ends up being the bearer of bad news from time to time. Last year, Julianna struggled with a friend of hers, Olivia, who had gotten so absorbed in her own interests that she inadvertently pushed aside those whom she could no longer fit among her priorities. After seeing Jules relentlessly hurt by someone who very clearly did not value their friendship as much as she, I told her to stop pulling the broken wagon. Either fix it, or move on. Once the apparent absurdity of my suggestion had sunken in, Julianna told me that she couldn’t give…show more content…
She always has been, and she always will be. She is loyal and she loves with all of herself. I know without a doubt that she will be there for me when the days seem like hurdles I can’t clear, and she’ll be there to pick me up when I fall down. I can say this with absolute certainty because she has done so in the past. She has listened when I’ve made mistakes, and she’s listened again when I’ve made those same mistakes for a second, third, or even fourth time. And when I failed for a fifth time, she gave me a moment to cry, a pat on the back, and the words I needed to get up and try once more. She has her flaws, but so do I. Hell, so does everyone. I can’t condemn her for being imperfect, or for making mistakes. That’s blaming someone for being human, and that’s no fault. I’ve complained a lot, but a person’s strengths are also their weaknesses. I think this may be applicable the other way around, too. At least, it is here. Ninety percent of her idiosyncrasies lie in the simple fact that she is so personally invested in everyone. She cares so, so much about others that it ends up hurting her. Jules does what she knows to be right, she stands up for what she believes in, and her intentions are nothing but honest. She is generous, and lively. Julianna is not perfect, but she is
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