Monologue Of The Book Of Sella

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The book of Sella MONDE PROLOGUE In the beginning of everything, the gods were gracious and kind to form a world fit for their people. Blessed with prosperous, green lands; various breeds of animals, for food; the highest mountains made of strong gray stone, for shelter. It is said that in these very mountains (the Argenmoon Mountains), the first people built their dens as means of protection, and they began to call themselves, Dwellers. For a long time, the only residence known to these Dwellers were inside the depths of the Argenmoon Mountains. As the number of families kept increasing, the shelter they provided was not enough. The gods graced one man, named Manus, with power and vision. He foresaw the possibility of using rock from the mountains to build their homes on the lands below—this way, the water would be…show more content…
The Argenmoon Mountains, with their crescent shape, loomed behind these lands, protectively covering them like a guarding shield. Over the years the Castle grew in size; sections of floors were added for rooms. The Grand Ballroom was constructed for celebration purposes; and the Twin Towers, for means of watch. High walls became the surroundings of Castle Grisrock, and with the King’s family also growing in number; houses were built beyond these walls and were later called the Domains. The Dwellers, by orders of King Manus, spread out into the world of Mondé—except through the Vast Lands, which were the rocky, barren lands, behind the mountains—and they built cities and small communities where they lived and worked for the King and his royal family. In addition, the King created three Orders for the protection and wellbeing of his world. The Order of the Illustrious; formed by men of superior intelligence and the ability to resolve problems—their priority, to help the King make asserted decisions or guide him toward the correct
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