Monologue: Reading and Students

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Middle/High School Monologues

Teaching Students to Read and Write Monologues

Welcome to the World of Monologue A Sample Unit of Lessons for Middle and High School Teachers

Jefferson County Public Schools Version 2.0

WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF MONOLOGUE By all reports from the field, this unit can be a lot of fun for you and your students: • there’s performance • there’s walking in others’ shoes and learning empathy 1

Middle/High School Monologues

• there’s connecting to Farris Bueller, Bill Cosby, Lily Tomlin, Hamlet and even Jay Leno • there are even places for content area teachers to jump in. If you choose to use this unit later in the year, students might be more ready than ever to try on different personae or share their empathy
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Table of Contents The following lessons are included in this Monologue Unit: Lesson 1: Lesson 2: Defining Monologue Reading Monologues


Middle/High School Monologues

Lesson 3: Lesson 4: Lesson 5: Lesson 6: Lesson 7: Lesson 8: Lesson 9: Appendix

Finding a Character Fleshing out a Character Finding the Focus Drafting the Monologue Revisiting Models Revision-by-Rehearsal Publishing-by-Presentation Extensions/Accommodations for ECE and Other Diverse Learners


Monologue Defining “Monologue,” Lesson 1 Students will determine qualities of monologue and identify them in models Literary Writing Literary Writing



WR-M-1.3 WR-H-1.3


Middle/High School Monologues

RD-M-1.0.12 Identify characteristics of short stories, novels, poetry, and plays RD-H 1.0.9 Analyze critically a variety of genre VOCABULARY: monologue, concept map RESOURCES AND MATERIALS: • Text from 4-5 monologues (novel passages, TV, radio or movie scripts, student models, dramatic excerpts) • copies of concept map for students • Overhead definition of “monologue;” student copies optional • Web sites and sources for monologues: (blocked by JCPS, but assessable elsewhere) Winning Monologues for Young Actors (Peg Kehret, Meriwether Publishing, Ltd.) Burning Up the Stage (Vin Morreale,
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