Mononegavirales: The Agent Of Ebola Disease

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There are diseases that can spread person to person. These are called infectious diseases. Ebola is one of them. Ebola is a very dangerous disease that is life threatening. A bacteria called Mononegavirales is the agent of ebola, or the one that carry and spread the disease. Fruit bats and humans are host of Ebola. People believe that bats caught the disease and then humans ate those bats and humans then caught the disease. Younger or older people can catch this disease. This disease was found in West Africa and in lives in hot or warm climates.
Mononegavirales is the agent of Ebola. Mononegavirales is a very dangerous bacteria. ¨The order Mononegavirales is the taxonomic home of numerous related viruses. Members of the order that are commonly known are, for instance, Ebola virus, human respiratory syntactical virus, measles virus,
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Humans are the ones that carry the disease. The disease can kill the host/human. Ebola is extremely rare. There has been zero cases in the U.S. Ebola affects all ages and even animals. If you have it you can not be near anyone until you do not have it anymore. If you have it and you go out you can infect others. Some people die from the disease so sometimes that can leave until they die.
The environment of Ebola is in West Africa. It lives in hot and warm climates. The disease first came from fruit bats that some people ate and then caught the disease. If it is in a cold climate it will not be able to live for a while. The reason it is in Africa is because Africa is a warm and hot place so it would be a perfect place for Ebola to live.
Ebola is an infectious disease that can take lives. If you have it you can't be the rest of the people until it is gone or you die. So if you get it it can be life threatening. It can be bad for people that have been close to someone that has caught the disease because you have a chance that you have the disease. So Ebola is a very bad disease that anybody can
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