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Introduction      Mononucleosis is a viral disease that affects those usually between the age of ten and thirty-five, although a person at any age can get the disease. This disease found in mainly adolescents and adults seems to only occur in those who escaped the Epstein-Barr virus infection in childhood. It is also known as Glandular Fever, because it affects the lymph nodes in the neck, arm pits and groin. It can last anywhere from one to two weeks to six to eight weeks, some people suffer from mononucleosis for months at a time, but as an individual it depends on your personal recuperation time. Recuperation is a very slow process, which demands a lot of sleep and rest. Being sick for a length of time such…show more content…
When diagnosed with Mononucleosis, the doctor usually informs you to avoid any sports, except swimming, because if you receive a blow to your spleen, it could rupture, requiring surgery. Enlargement of the spleen occurs in 2 out of every 3 cases and is not uncommon. Signs of a ruptured spleen include; pain in the left upper abdomen, feeling light headed, feeling like your heart is beating fast and hard, bleeding more easily than usual and having breathing trouble. The inflammation of the liver is detected by the blood tests taken and can be reduced by drinking lots and lots of fluids, to flush out the toxins. A patient can detect liver inflammation by nausea, vomiting, reduced appetite and jaundice. It is also possible to obtain rash-like symptoms, similar to those of measles or scarlet fever. They can appear all over the body and are very itchy, much like hives. A cortisone cream applied in small amounts to the small bumps can reduce the itch and swelling. Severe scratching of the bumps can leave scars.      In about 2% of all cases, pneumonia is present. Encephalitis, meningitis or peripheral neuritis can occur, but is usually uncommon. In some cases, the upper eyelids can swell, which is a common finding among mono patients. In some cases, the urine may contain blood, but those are very rare

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