Monopoly Market And Income Industry

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Monopoly Market and income misdistribution With the rapid development of the global economy, the income gap continues expand between people. In different industries, the misdistributions of income have increased a lot in these years. Under the normal market economy condition, when an industry 's profits higher than other industries, people who work in other industries prefer to transfer to this industry. The Law of value controls the trend of profits and fore it approach average. Therefore, every industry`s profits usually keep in a general level, and the income distribution in every industry will not have a big gap. However, the global economy has developed really fast, and the income distribution of every industry and trade has showed inequality. The income gap between monopoly industries and other low income industries was particularly notable. Monopoly came from the ancient Chinese book called “Mencius”, it originally refers to stand on high ground of the market and manipulate trades, and later refers gripping and exclusive. Back in ancient Chinese, salt, iron and tea were belong to government-run monopoly industries for a long time, because the government could reap huge profits through these trades. If the country emerged fiscal crisis, these profits will become the money which uses to subsidize the country. Later, some large enterprises in order to obtain high profits, they usually make agreement or in combination with one or several department of goods
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