Monosodium Glutamate Essay

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Monosodium Glutamate I.INTRODUCTION Have you ever had a situation were after a busy day at work, went to a restaurant for a nice dinner and enjoyed the taste of the food that was presented to you, but soon after the dinner was over, you felt really tired and sick? Did this ever made you regret the fact that you went there instead of taking the time of preparing to yourself something “light” and “healthy” or maybe you were promising to yourself that you would never do this again? But how long did that promise last? Unfortunately, probably not that long until the next time you were in a similar situation - having had a pretty long, tiring day, being quite hungry and because of the convenience you choose that restaurant…show more content…
At the same time it is obvious that there is purely industrial and economic aspect to any new technology. Since there are lot of resources involved in new product development and efforts of introducing it to the market, we all know that the goal of every company is to advertise it’s product as worth buying and make the company successful and profitable. However, sometimes because of under testing, not fully understanding it, or not having enough information of the behavior of the invention, making it available and promoting it as something good for people is dangerous. In the long term that could have catastrophic results to our society. Making it easy and convenient for us now, could cause a huge damage in a long run. This research paper is about introducing MSG and the technology behind it, presenting the outstanding problems related to the safety of MSG and how the glutamate industry defends its position that MSG is safe. Also there are ethical analysis and consideration involving this case. And at the end this is an opportunity for me to express my personal thoughts and feelings regarding MSG itself and the Glutamate industry behind it. I have personally contacted people from the non for profit organization “Truth in Labeling” who stated that all of the material available under
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