Monozygotic Twins Compare And Contrast

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During the second half of the 20th century, psychology was dominated by the behaviorism theory which states that all human behavior is controlled by environmental factors. Adopted monozygotic twins who were separated at birth were to be reunited later on as adults. The purpose of this study was to see if monozygotic twins that were raised together (MZT) were more similar than monozygotic twins that were raised apart (MZA). The twins each had one week visit, testing about 50 hours every week. These tests included four personality trait scales, three aptitude and occupational interest inventories and two intelligence tests. Along with these tests, there were interviews that were held. These included a life history interview, a psychiatric interview and a sexual history interview. All the assessments that were done were held individually so that the twins did not influence each other’s answers.…show more content…
If the MZT and MZA twins had the same correlations, the result would be 1.00, and if the correlations were different the result would be 0.00. When looking at column number 4 of table 3-1, it is clear that the correlations were very similar. This shows that the correlations were very close to 1.00, with the numbers no lower than .700. These findings demonstrate that identical twins who were raised separately, were still very similar to each other in both appearance, personality and basic psychology. It also demonstrated that environment had little effect on identical twins who were raised in the same
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