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TABLE OF CONTENTS Execusive Summary # INTRODUCTION # CHAPTER 2 # SECTION 2.1 # SECTION 2.2 # SUBSECTION 2.2.A # SUBSECTION 2.2.B # SUBSECTION 2.2.C # SECTION 2.3 # CHAPTER 3 # SECTION 3.1 # SECTION 3.2 # SECTION 3.3 # SUBSECTION 3.3.A # SUBSECTION 3.3.B # SUBSECTION 3.3.C Excusive Summary Numerous healthcare organizations are investing in the use of Epic Electronic Record (EHR) solutions to improve quality of patient care and efficiency. With the growing reliance on digital records for everything from patient test results to medical records to billing and HIPPA reporting, high level of availability Epic HER environment has never been more important. Epic creates…show more content…
As a result, their customers consistently rate them highly for keeping promises - as well as for staying on-time and on-budget. Some of the services Epic system provides are implementation, optimizing, architecture, training and etc. Epic maintains relationships with leading third-party content suppliers, consultants and hardware vendors. Work with your health system's Epic contact to learn how the experience and products of these vendors can complement our integrated software. Community Connect Credentialed Consultants can help with an EHR rollout to independent practices and community hospitals. Epic system has three close competitors. The name of these competitors are Cerner Corporation, GE HEALTH THCARE LTD and ALLSCRIPTS HEAL THCARE SOLUTIONS, INC. 1. Epic Systems Corp. – Verona, Wis. 79,031 2. All scripts – Chicago 45,653 3. GE Healthcare – Wauwasa, Wis. 27,112 4. Cerner Corp. – N Kansas City, Mo. 14,442 Allscripts Healthcare Solutions. The company provides software, as either on-site or hosted options, and services that automate common healthcare data flow tasks, such as entering prescription information, managing orders for lab tests, and other medical workflows and records. Allscripts software includes tools that give doctors access (via desktop or wireless handheld devices) to patient drug history, drug interactions, and generic alternatives. Its products also help hospitals and healthcare organizations manage financial

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