Monsanto Case

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JOHANNES VAN DEN BOSCH SENDS AN EMAIL Copyright 2000 by IMD - International Institute for Management Development, Lausanne, Switzerland After having had several email exchanges with his Mexican counterpart over several weeks without getting expected actions and results, Johannes van den Bosch was getting a tongue-lashing from his British MNC client, who was furious at the lack of progress. Van den Bosch, in the Rotterdam office of BigFiveFirm (B&FF), and his colleague in the Mexico City office, Pablo Menendez, were both seasoned veterans and van den Bosch couldn't understand the lack of responsiveness. A week earlier, the client, Malcolm Smythe-Jones, had visited his office to express his mounting frustration. But this morning…show more content…
From: Menendez, Pablo (Mexico City) Sent: Wednesday, December 10: 23:11 To: van den Bosch, Johannes (Rotterdam) Subject: RE: IAS 2003 financial statements Importance: High Dear Johannes, 1 am not surprised of the outcome of your meeting with Mr. Smythe-Jones (CFO). However, I cannot answer your request until I heard from local management. As it was agreed on the last meeting, we were precluded ,from doing any work without first getting approval from management at the headquarters and we were instructed by local management from doing anything until they finalized what was required from us. It appears to me to be a Catch 22 game! 1 believe we (your Firm and ours) should not fall in the game of passing the ball to someone else before getting a clear understanding of what is going on. We have had several meetings with local management where the issue has been raised and were responded that other priorities were established by the headquarters (on my end I thought they tell you everything they have been instructed of locally, unfortunately it does not seem to be the case). In my opinion it looks very easy that you accept from management at the headquarters to hold us accountable from something we are not responsible for, and this does not mean I do not understand the pressure you are receiving on your end. However, we are not the enemy. 1 am not sending copy of this message to our client because I believe that internal issues have to be
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