Monsanto Case Study Essay

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Parker Gross
MKTG 495
Case #3 – Monsanto

I: Situation Analysis
Monsanto is a company that some people may not be explicitly familiar with on a first name basis. However, the work that the company has done over the last century, with a larger emphasis on its most recent ventures, have been deeply engrained in our lives, our food, and our economy. Monsanto has those who advocate on their behalf in addition to their naysayers. While Monsanto has made huge strides in terms of biotechnology over the last couple of decades, their accomplishments, and the relevant methods, have not been free of criticism and controversy. In order to analyze Monsanto’s corporate environment, it is important to first explore their Strengths, Weaknesses,
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If a new entrant came into the market that were able to utilize a lower cost strategy as well as learn from Monsanto’s mistakes and keep a clean record, they could potentially take market share away from Monsanto. This is mentioned briefly in terms of Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., but additional information would be necessary to make a decision. Also, no information is made on Monsanto’s advertising or marketing efforts. They might not need to market products in the traditional consumer marketing sense, but an advertising campaign aimed at reestablishing corporate image could be very advantageous.

III: Statement of the Problem(s) Most of the issues that surfaced as a result of conducting the SWOT analysis were instances ranging from bribery to discrepancies regarding product safety to questionable motives. All of these issues can be summarized in general as unethical business practices. When a company engages in unethical business practices, especially those that may put public health and the environment in danger, it seems to overshadow all of the good that a company is doing. No matter how philanthropic Monsanto is, how well they stimulate the economy, and how many jobs they have created, bribery and the covering up of controversial practices will continue to be associated with the company. As mentioned earlier, symptoms such as bribery are results of unethical business practices. But why are Monsanto
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