Monsoon Wedding : Indian Culture

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In the film Monsoon Wedding, Indian culture is illustrated in the practices of the traditional Punjabi wedding. The wedding in the film was arranged as is the norm in Indian culture. Thought the wedding was rushed it was not forced. Aditi wanted to be married having realised the uncertainty of her previous relationship with a married man. Moreover, in the Indian culture, the father of the bride is responsible for financing the wedding and providing a dowry for the in-laws. Which Lalit, does but then finds himself in serious financial strain. While out playing golf with some colleagues, Lalit ask one of them to borrow some money which sparks a discussion that elucidates the Indian view on having daughters (they are expensive and generally unwanted). However, Lalit does what is necessary to give his daughter the best wedding. The importance of the colour of the tent is also a part of Indian culture. The wedding planner, Dubey, exercised his creative license and draped the tent in white (a traditional western custom) in contrast to a colourful tent (blue, red, yellow and green) that is Indian custom. Lalit is very upset by this choice and confronts Dubey emphasising that he only has one daughter and he expects that she gets what she deserves. Dubey inform Lalit that this is the new "millennium style." However, following the request, Dubey ask his workers to take down the white drapes justifying it with the statement, ‘he wants the old style.’ An Indian wedding (and funeral)
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