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October 19, 2004 English 102 A Wedding in a Monsoon and a Monsoon of a Wedding Marriage is an institution that has spanned time. In India it is one of their many traditions. It has changed lives for the better and for the worse. I will be looking at two different art forms that display marriage in two different sights. One will be Monsoon Wedding, a Mira Nair film, which portrays marriage, specifically arranged marriage, in a way that looks on the tradition not as a thing of the past but a foundation for a good and happy family. In the film, though there are many doubts and question marks on whether the marriage arranged by Aditi’s parents would work, if she would end her affair, or if Hermont would take her back, there is still a…show more content…
She then realized that the man she was promised to was a great and caring guy. Deciding to “not start a marriage with lies”, she tells Hermont about the affair she has with the reporter. At first he is up set but then he forgives her. After that incident the couple seemed inseparable and even happy. The scene with all the family dancing under the tarp during the monsoon was a perfect example of the image the filmmaker was trying to portray. The happiness that is possible from arranged marriages and the togetherness that the familys can have is what she was trying to show. The filmmaker was trying to show that even if one of the people involved in the arranged marriage didn’t want to be married, as long as she sticks with her traditions and culture, she will be happy with the outcome. “Giribala”, looks at a different take on the tradition of arranged marriage in India. She is a young girl put into a marriage with a liar and a cheat. This marriage Giribala has to Aulchand is not the same relation ship and marriage that Aditi and Hermont had. Giribala knew he was a liar and a ganja smoker and yet she still respected her traditions and went along with the arranged marriage. This story shows the bad side of arrange marriages. It shows the worth of woman as it often says,

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