Monsoon in Pakistan

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MONSOON IN PAKISTAN 1. Introduction. There are two main types of climates, hot and cold. In Pakistan we have both. Today we will see hot climate. Hot climate in Pakistan starts from the month of March and prevails till the month of September. In Rahwali hot climate is coupled with moisture and that is because of monsoon. 2. Aim. To teach the phenomenon of monsoon in Pakistan and flying hazards associated with it. 3. Preview a. Revision. b. Climate of Pakistan. c. What is monsoon? (1) Area of origin of monsoon. (2) Monsoon path. (3) Trigger actions and controlling factors. (4) Time span of monsoon. d. Flying hazards. e. Weather of Rahwali during monsoon. f. Comprehension check. g. Conclusion. 4. Climate of Pakistan. Pakistan is in the…show more content…
These winds enter India from south west of India. The first area where monsoon strikes India is Kerala district (Western Ghats) and goes till central India conceding intense rains. b. The Bay of Bengal Current. These winds go to bay of Bangal and from there it enters Bangladesh and India. After blowing to North, it is stopped by the great Hamalayas from blowing it further north. Here these winds and the Arabian Sea winds join and blow to west resulting in monsoon in Pakistan. 8. Trigger Actions. Monsoon winds by them selves are not capable to give any precipitation. They need to be lifted up by some trigger actions to form clouds. Once lifted, they produce huge heap type clouds (Cumulus and cumulonimbus) with lots of moisture in them. Trigger actions are: - a. Orographic Uplift. The marked influence of orography on monsoon precipitation pattern may be observed on Western Ghats, where a mountain range of 6000 ft – 7000 ft uplifts the moisture laden Arabian Sea current to sufficient height, required for condensation, and give plenty of rain fall on the wind ward side of Western Ghats. Now some portion of same current also reach the Thar Desert and Karachi but they get very rare rains because there is no Orographic uplifting there. The North and North Eastern parts of Pakistan Punjab (up to Rawalpindi / Islamabad) also get monsoon precipitation due to orography of the Himalayas and Hindu Kush ranges. b. Convection. As these moisture laden winds

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