Monster Beverage, Stock Symbol Mnst Essay

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Monster Beverage, stock symbol MNST, is a corporation who does most of their distributions through their subsidiaries. Their products are energy drinks. They are included in the Consumer Goods industry and Forbes reports that the company currently has 2,214 employees. A recent victory Monster Beverage has made is their partnership with Coca-Cola. The partnership was just completed at the end of 2015. Coke transferred their alternative drinks (energy drinks) to Monster Beverage, and Monster transferred their soft drinks/teas to Coca-Cola. Another great aspect of this partnership regarding a press release from Coca-Colas website is, “… the partnership strategically aligns both companies for the long-term by combining the strength of The Coca-Cola Company’s worldwide bottling system with Monster’s dedicated focus and expertise as a leading energy player globally” (2014). A recent failure the corporation has dealt with is a recent weakness in their second quarterly report in earnings. Jones (2016) stated in a report for Barron’s that he believes that this will be temporary and has a lot to do with “a) poor weather; b) recent Monster price increases/lower promos; and c) share losses to more heavily promoted brands” which can be easily fixed. Strategic Groups Core Firm companies that directly compete with Monster Beverage’s energy drinks that are noted in their Annual Report for 2016 are Coca-Cola Co (TCCC), PepsiCo, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, and Red Bull Gmbh.

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