Monster By Walter Dean Myers

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The book I chose is called Monster by Walter Dean Myers. This novel won the Coretta Scott King award , the Printz award , and was also a National Book Award Finalist. Monster is the name and thing that Steve considers himself as he has gotten in a bit of trouble. This novel took place in Harlem New York in mid year of 1997. Steve harmon was in a drug store while some of the people he has been seen around the neighborhood with stuck the place up and murdered the owner of the store in cold blood now he is on trial for Felony 1 murder and this is the story of his trail. Our lives compare to each others in many ways. There are thousands of inferences that could be made Everyone thinks steve is guilty just because he is a black male in an impoverished community. Everyone prejudges him but he is really a nice person at heart. The fact that he new the guys who stuck up the store and killed the owner didn’t make it any better. Is it true that majority of the world stereotypes african americans. If you 're not an athlete they either think you steal or are a thug and I think that 's what everyone thinks about steve besides his own parents. In my opinion the biggest thing that Steve and I have in common is that everyone looks at us as the same person. A lot of people in this world look at young african americans as bad or criminals. That should never be the case but in America that 's just how things are. Once people get to know me they realize I am a very nice person with an
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