Monster.Com Marketing Plan Essay

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1.0 Executive Summary In 2000, is already a successful career-building business. They are at the top of the online job-recruitment industry. Now that they have created a successful company, they need to be able to sustain their success. CEO Jeff Taylor is interested in what the next 5 years will look like for He wants the company to continue to grow and innovate. Just because the company is #1 today, doesn’t mean they will be able to sustain that status. In order for the company to continue to succeed, they will need to broaden their services. The goal is to develop a relationship with both job seekers and recruiters. must find a way to sustain relationships with their customers after they have…show more content…
Te report showed that China’s economy was on the rise as a result of this emerging technology while India’s Prime Minister made encouraging remarks about their country’s growing economy (World Economic Forum, 1999/2000). With populations in both countries reaching over 1 billion each, the potential for reach a wider market through the internet is also growing. (National Bureau of Statistics People’s Republic of China, 2001 & Indian Child, 2001) 2.2 Competitor Analysis is the most popular of all major online career sites, capturing half the market share. It is ranked 82nd most visited website on the whole internet. Career, and are the biggest competition for They all had over 1 million visitors in 2000, less than half of With the internet increasing at a rapid pace and the ability to reach most, if not all, countries the competition will be come more of a challenge for in the future. Sites are beginning to partner with newspapers to increase their market share. posts help wanted ads on their website in partnership with the Boston Globe. This newspaper charges companies to advertise, and at no additional fee, they post the same listings online. This increases the market size and potential for companies to find new employees. 2.3 Company Analysis CEO Jeff Taylor created in the early 1990s. The website tailors to
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