Monster Persuasive Speech

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When I say "monsters", I don't mean the ones that only come out at night and hide in the darkness, I'm talking about the monsters that reside in our minds. The monsters that we deal with on a daily basis, and overwhelm us if we don't control them. We all have these monsters, no matter if they are huge or minuscule, and how much they affect our lives. The monsters that I deal with are constantly driving me towards procrastination and anxiety, and I must learn to overcome, or I will be consumed.
Procrastination, possibly the worst and most destructive monster I have. Procrastination is the reason for most of my problems, and I can never overcome it. I live with it, and it is a part of me, so overcoming it is out of the question. The best I can do is deal with it. Procrastination was best explained by Tim Urban, who compared the brain
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Anxiety is my second biggest monster, partly because it is a huge side-effect of procrastination. It is a constant stress in the back of the mind that only says negative things about the future. A voice that tells the victim, “You won’t get that paper done, you’re going to fail.” A voice that never stops and tells the victim that they did a good job, because according to anxiety, I can only do wrong. It is anxiety that limits the victim from doing great things because of the failures along the way, and the inability to forget the bad, and focus only on the good. The glass is always half-empty for anxiety, which means it is almost impossible for the victim to think positively about the future. I compare anxiety to Voldemort in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, attached to Professor Quirrell’s head, constantly whispering evil commands. Anxiety is a silent killer, and a hard one to deal with, but it is easier to overcome than procrastination. It is my second worst monster because I can overcome anxiety in short spans, and I can halt the effects it at some
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