Monster of the Sea

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Mythical beast may exist but there is no real evidence to prove their existence. Humans know less about their own planet’s deep seas, and beast that roam them than they know about surrounding aliens planets. One creature that lives in the deep seas is the Giant Squid, which is a cephalopod. The squid looks like any other squid with two eyes, a beak, eight arms, two feeding tentacles, and a funnel, but the one difference is its immense size. According to Clyde Roper (2013), in his article ICUN red list of endangered species states that most people think that the giant squid is this gigantic animal that grows up to 60ft, but in reality the Giant Squid can grow up to 45ft; and the largest Squid ever recorded was 43ft though its average size is 16ft. The feeding of the squid is very interesting, the squid’s giant eyes help it see it prey it also has two feeding tentacles that they shot out to capture their prey. Clyde (2013) goes to further his report and says that the squid feed on deep sea fish and there have even been cases of feeding on their own kind. This is only one of the many deep sea creatures that roam the deep, and only a little has been mentioned about its behavior, habitat, and anatomy. Sea monsters have been around for thousands…

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