Monster 's Ball By Marc Forster

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Directed by Marc Forster, the 2001 film, Monster’s Ball is an Academy Award winning film which has been extensively criticized by American Studies scholars. They critique the aspects of the social construction of masculinity, race, and the way in which women are constructed as needing men in their lives. Essentially, the film’s narrative uses hypermasculinity in a way that supports the sexulization of women. Monster’s Ball follows the life of two individuals who are connected in a unique way. Leticia Musgrove, a black woman whose husband was killed on death row along with Hank Grotowski, the officer who executed Leticia’s husband are the main characters of the film. Leticia works the night shift at a diner and she lives an unfortunate life. Her house is foreclosed upon, her car is broken and she is a single mother. Hank is racist man who was raised by his racist father. Hank has a son, Sonny, who he tries to infringe racist view upon. Sonny is not racist and he kills himself at the beginning of the movie because he knows his father hates him. Leticia serves Hank at the diner very often. On a rainy night, Leticia’s son got hit by a car while they are walking back home. By chance, Hank is there to save the day and bring Leticia 's son and her to the hospital, where he dies. One day at the diner, Hank tells Leticia that his son died too. That comment sparked them to develop a very sexual relationship. Over time, Hank finds out who Leticia is and realized he killed her

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