Monsters Are The Stars Of Entertainment For The Horror Industry

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Monsters have been the stars of entertainment for the horror industry. The word "monster" usually connotes something wrong or evil; a freak of nature. Traditionally, monster narratives to depict the monster a hideous creature that may produce fear or panic. However; can this still apply to present day? Monsters have completely revolutionized. For example, Vampires have traditionally been categorized as evil, seductive and alluring creatures of the night. They moved through the night, hiding in shadows, and sleeping in coffins throughout the day. Yet, the modern vampire is far from this. Just like Vampires, Zombies have also have steadily gone through a complete shift of social compliance. In early monster narratives, zombies were traditionally reanimated corpse who were under the control of a Voodoo master. In the past decade there has been a zombie boom; with zombies being able to adapt to the social preference. Although vampires and zombies have changed in cinema and literature since their very creation, the most dramatic changes have occurred through the late twentieth century to modern day, mainly due to social tolerance and social anxiety.
In the late nineteenth century vampires started to evolve into to what is the modern day vampire. Although they were still seen as “evil”, the vampires of the late twentieth century were no longer creepy creatures that would crawl out of their coffins to seduce women and feed from their blood. This was the start of a new period of
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