Mont Pelee Volcano Analysis

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I chose the eruption of Mont Pelee in Martinique in 1902, to discuss this week. This volcano is a stratovolcano that began to release pyroclastic flows in the early months of 1902, shortly after the eruptions began it was evident that a larger eruption was imminent. In preparation for this eruption, the town of about 25,000 people began to evacuate in groups of about 300 a day to a nearby town called St. Pierre. On 5 May, a larger eruption occurred which caused further anxiety, but the Governor of the area was concerned with an upcoming election on 10 May, so he used his power to prevent people from leaving the area, which resulted in everyone left in the town (Abbott.) The VEI of the eruption is assessed to be a VEI of 4. In the case of this
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