Montaignes Ideas On Human Nature

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10/27/17 Montaigne’s Ideas on Human Nature In regard to the topic of human nature, the opinions of Thomas Moore and Machiavelli tend to clash on the subject. Thomas Moore leans more toward an optimistic and hopeful side believing that men are in fact capable of over coming greed by using reason, while Machiavelli definitely makes it clear he believes that men are greedy and selfish and that is just their nature. Let’s weigh in on this subject the modern views of essayist Montaigne. Montaigne certainly speaks on the topic of human nature all throughout his essays and has some interesting insight on the subject. He comes across as neither pessimistic nor optimistic in his writing however, he does offer his own advice much like the others do.
Changing One’s Mind
The first essay that conveys his beliefs well on human nature is on “Changing One’s Mind.” He begins by saying that we as humans are put together by many different pieces and that none of these pieces are consistent. This, he believes is a down fall in mankind because it means that everything is randomized. He goes on to say that we are easily swayed depending on what we want at the moment and how changeable human nature is. These views seem to pair up with Machiavelli’s but in a less harsh way, because he believes that though we are flighty as humans, it doesn’t completely ruin our character and make us deplorable.
One of Montaigne’s core beliefs that tend to occur quite often throughout is the concept of

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