Montana 1948, Chapter Summaries

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Part One * The book opens with David Hayden talking about his father serving his second term in 1948 in Mercer Country, Montana. It talks about the type of country Montana is. * David’s father doesn’t fit the ideal of what he should be in his occupation, and his wife didn’t think so either. She wanted him to better himself and become a lawyer. The reason that his father is the sheriff of Montana is because when David’s grandfather finally decided to retire, he handed the job down to his son; David’s father. David’s mother wanted to leave Montana for several reasons; she wanted David’s father to be fully himself and not do his job just because his father told him to, and for David; she feared for his soul, and his values and…show more content…
He was sitting with the most respected Indian in north-eastern Montana, even the whole state, whose name was Ollie Young Bear. David knew that the reason his father was sitting Ollie Young Bear because he was asking Ollie if he had heard anything his brother molesting young Indian girls. David walked over to where his father sat and his father asked him that when he went home that he checked on Marie to make sure she took her medicine. * When David got home, Marie was sleeping and her medicine and a glass of water so he just assumed that she had taken her medicine. But after a few minutes, David sensed that something was wrong. For the one thing, the radio was off, and Marie always had it on when she was home. So David turned on the radio to her favourite channel so that when she woke up she would be able to hear the music. * After dinner one night, Wes suggested that David and his mother go for a walk as he wanted to talk to Marie again. But they didn’t go far, they went to their backyard. David decides to ask his mother what was going on, even though he already knew. She reply’s with saying that there may be possible trouble with the Indians. He asks his mother many questions about the Marie situations, but she gives him vague answers. * The following Sunday, David and his parents go to his father’s parent’s ranch. Marie had

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