Montana Mountain Biking Case Study

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Montana Mountain Biking Case Study

MMB five stages of Customer Loyalty. The five stages of customer loyalty are awareness, familiarity, commitment and separation. Based on the case narrative, about 5% of MMB customers are in the awareness category because MMB logo is recognized in the mountain biking industry. Customers in this stage are aware of MMB existence and services but have not purchased any service from the company. They have limited relations with MMB because the company is not actively marketing the company product and services. Jerry Singleton needs create more awareness MMB products and services through advertising campaigns in order to increase customer awareness. Also, about 10% of MMB customer falls in the …show more content…

I think using the photos is a perfect opportunity to engage in viral marketing. MMB could include as part of its package a free optional digital photo of customers on while they are on their expeditions. These pictures can be posted on the websites and also offered to customers. This would be a great promotion for the company because

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