Montana Research Paper

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Montana is a large and lovely state. It has a population of 1,005,141 people. The big sky of Montana covers more than 147,046 square miles. It is considered the fourth largest state in the nation. The size of Montana is equivalent to the combined size of Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware and New York. It is located in the North West of the United States. Granite Peak is the highest point in Montana.

Montana is famous as the headwaters state because the waters that flows to the rest of the United States comes from the Montana mountains. The Flathead Rivers, Clark Fork, Bitterroot, Blackfoot, and Kootenai is connected to the Columbia River which flows into the Pacific Ocean. Montana’s two largest lakes are the Fort Peck and Flathead. Idaho is on the west border of Montana, South Dakota and North Dakota to the east and Wyoming to the south. Canada is on Montana’s northern border.

There are so much geographic treasures to see in Montana. The eastern part of Montana is considered the plains country where the sky is just never-ending. The central part is surrounded by mountain ranges while the western part is a combination of mountain ranges and valleys. The Yellowstone National Park is on the southern central portion of Montana. It has the massive area of geyser
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Kalispell has an estimated population of 21, 518. It has a land area of 11.64 square miles. Kalispell is in the center of the grand Rocky Mountains, located in the northwest corner of Montana. It is only about an hour drive to south of the Canadian border. The other city Missoula has an estimated population of 69, 821, with a land area of 27.51 square miles. It is in the center of western Montana, halfway between the Yellowstone and the Glacier National Parks. Missoula was nicknamed as the Garden City because it has milder winter season compared to the other places in Montana. It is also where the University of Montana is
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