Montana Trip Analysis

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Thank you for your email and sincere wishes regarding my recovery. The recovery process is going a little slower than I would have liked for it to go, but I can only follow the doctors recommendations and know that these things take time, and that some bodies may take a little longer to heal. I try to put things into their proper perspective and know that what I have incurred is only a fraction of what others have had to face in life. So, I’m thankful for this season in my life and know that God’s grace and timing can always be counted on and that if we will draw closer to Him, He will draw closer to us. Well, Sherry and Abbie will be arriving here this coming Sunday afternoon. I will definitely take your advice and not try to be “Mr. Tour Guide”, as I need to recover and get back to work and every daily life. I think that they will both have a good time and there is a lot to see and do in Panama. The only challenge for them might be that we’re smack dab in the rainy season and…show more content…
David wants to go back soon and visit and told me that he really likes Montana. Carla has been a real blessing to me and always shows the greatest love and concern for me. Well, I really love her as well and thank God for giving me such a good wife. We both agree that our marriage is not perfect, but we our both very happy and give it an eleven (on a scale from one to ten). I think it’s all about loving unconditionally and good communication and mutual respect for each other. She really knows me well, and I thank God for her and all that she does… she is a true blessing. Caitlyn and David are keeping busy with school and Carla and I set aside a little time every night to read the gospel of John with them and then discuss what the bible is saying and have a moment of prayer together. Raising godly kids is not an easy task, but as you already know takes time, love, teaching, encouragement, and
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