Monte Cristo Revenge

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In the fantastic novel, The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas Edmond Dantés learns that revenge doesn't give you what you truly desire. In the beginning of the novel, the only things that Dantés cared about were his Dad, Mercedes, and becoming the captain of the Pharon. In the middle of the book, after Dantés assumes the identity The count of Monte Cristo, he changes. His motives and passions conform to his desire for revenge. At the very end of the book, Dantés ends up with someone who loves him, and doing what he loves to do. Apparently absence does not make the heart fonder in this case. Edmond spends a great amount of time and money exacting revenge on his transgressors. But why? Edmond was blinded by his hatred for…show more content…
"Your words burn into my heart' said Monte Cristo 'especially since you have every reason to hate me. I'm the cause of all your misfortune" Monte Cristo is in pain because in the end, he put all of this effort into vengeance and ultimately it ended up hurting someone who he loved (Dumas 494). Edmond once loved the positives of life. Eventually he killed the character we knew as Dantés and emerged as a stone cold vigilante that we know as the count. However, all things must come to a halt. Near the end of the novel, the count has an important breakthrough. "Can my goal have been senseless? Can I have been following is false path for 10 years? I refuse to except such an idea- it would make me lose my reason. The reason for my present doubt is that I no longer see the past clearly. The path fades away with time as objects fade away with distance. The same thing is happening to me as happens to people in dreams when they see and feel a wound but can't remember having received it." At this point the count realized that's he will never get back his 14 years spent in jail or the time he used plotting and scheming (Dumas 497). At the absolute end he realizes that in order to obtain happiness one must be ready. "Let it be as you say then my angel', said Monte
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