Monte D Ivoire Research Papers

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Côte D’Ivoire translated to English is “Ivory Coast”, on account of the country being located on the west coast of Africa. Along the coast of Côte D’Ivoire the climate is tropical; however, farther North, the climate becomes dry with very little rain. The terrain in Côte D’Ivoire changes from smooth countryside to the savanna plains in the North. The coast is covered with palm tree evergreen forests, and farther inland there are lush tropical forests. Côte D’Ivoire rises from the Gulf of Guinea, 0 meters above sea level, to Mount Nimba, 5,748 feet in elevation. In about the 19 million people that live in Côte D’Ivoire there are over 60 ethnic groups. These groups are made up of Akan, Voltaique or Gur , Northern Mande, Krou, and Southern Mande.
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