Montefiore Medical Center

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1- Why does Elaine Brennan need to develop a new strategy now?
A great manager will be the one who is able to examine the environment, determine opportunities and threats, plan accordingly, implement the plans and evaluate the results of his planning on frequent basis to add more value to what his/her organization is built to accomplish. Elaine Brennan needs to develop a new strategy now because according to the Systems Look at Healthcare, a merger has happened between two facilities each of which provide a different level of care. Each of these facilities was 4
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| Patient based health care provide economies of scale, so can lead to providing more services at lower costs. Also disease based health care provide economies of scope, which enables staff and administrators to seek providing the highest levels of quality to the health services provided. | 3- Separate administrative teams. | 1- New problem ownership.2- Strategic management teams taken from all levels of management. | 4- Adaptation to change. | 1- Collaborative work environment.2- Cooperation between physicians.3- Changing lines of authority.4- RNs maintain professional standards across care centers. | 5- Overcome disadvantages of consolidation. | 1- No clear solution to resistance to change.2- Fate of subspecialties is not clear. | 6- Decreased Quality. | 1- No clear metrics to measure quality success. | 7- System stability during change. | 1- Hazy clarity of feedback mechanisms. |

Also, the Systems Thinking model tells us that no system is ever completely stable. Per se, the GRIP strategy is beneficial but it will not guarantee the stability of the Montefiore medical center. There is no clear space for metrics that will measure success of the operations after implementing such strategies. Also there is expected delay in the performance of the organization if metrics were not identified to measure performance at the national level.
If the Balance Scorecard (BSC) section was included as a way to implement the new strategy, then I would say that the new
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