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Reverse Monsterfication
Throughout the length of the movie, I was taken back to my childhood when there were monsters in my own closet. Over the years, the monsters have all died and been replaced by just as scary skeletons, so my closet is still full. However, to a young child monsters are still lurking in the shadows, and they still make the floor creak. The approach taken by the writers of this film is one of uniqueness and of originality. By successfully juxtaposing the situation between monster and child, the writers were able to confront a touchy subject head on. This was reached through a combination of differences represented by the monsters in the movie and between the child’s impression of monsters
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Behind all of the flashy animation and the famous voice-overs there are an infinite amount of messages and information forming ideas for the young child to grasp on to.

It is the strong story told in the movie which makes it work for children to understand. This story line could be told by Joseph Bruchac while beating on a drum, and it could give the child the very same lessons and ideas as did the movie. That is not to say that the animation and other effects added by the producers does the story harm, just that the story is strong enough to carry the movie on its own. There are certainly some lessons to be learned in the movie as well. Perhaps the strongest lesson taught in the movie is that you should never judge a book by its cover. What may be perceived as undesirable or unpleasant, may actually turn out to be lovely and desirable. The other lesson, which is obviously trying to be taught, is to not be scared of monsters. Whether or not the movie achieves this goal I do not know. In the human world scenes, the monsters were always very fierce and scary, and in the monster world, children appear to be very unwanted and even hunted. Perhaps the best teacher of this lesson is the large bear named Sullivan. He is the one who shows the child audience that all though he is a monster, he is full of love and peace and concern for the safety of the young girl.

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