Montessori And Traditional School System

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Montessori has a different perspective than the traditional school system because of its approach to treat each person as an individual. The Montessori "method" is actually a philosophy of education. This philosophy emphasizes the fact that education should go far beyond the acquisition of knowledge, and instead be a practical aid to life and help developing the whole of the human’s personality. In her book “The Four Planes of Education”, Maria Montessori often refers about the unknown potential humans have from birth. She defined four distinct stages of development and described them as the four planes of development: Infancy, childhood, adolescence and maturity. In those planes there are defined changes, physically as well as psychologically. The first and third planes are periods of intense creation, whilst the second and fourth planes are the calm periods of consolidation. The link between all the planes of development is the individual’s need for independence. This is expressed differently throughout the journey of the human’s life. Our duty as adults is to be aware of those changes occurring throughout the child’s life and support them; we should provide him with the most appropriate environment and offer him opportunities to explore and practice these skills in order for him to progress and go further towards the next plane in his life.
First plane: Infancy (Subdivided into two sections: zero to three and three to six years)
In the early stages of his life, a new
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